Missailidis Family in Ethiopia

The story
Finally my dream has come through.
I would like to dedicate this to my parents Menelaos Missailidis and Tereza Habtemariam whom I dearly love.

This is how it all started with the Missailidis family in Ethiopia .Grandfather
Dimitri went to Ethiopia from Greece to join forces with his brother Michael
who was a merchant in Ethiopia .While working in Gimbi, a town in the western
part of Ethiopia , grandfather met grandmother Workenesh Kounbouri and my father
Menelaos and aunt Anthoula were born from this encounter. Menelaos is the
first child in the Missailidis family. My father while in Dire Dawa met my
mother Tereza Habtemariam. Please place the mouse over the menu to
your left to see a detail explanation about who is who in the family.

m i k i . m a d e . t h i s

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